Dstv Installation Pro is an Accredited Installer of Satellite and we do DSTV & Installations, LCD Bracket Sales and Installations, Surround System, Communal Systems and also Call outs .We are based in Gauteng Province. Our trained Installers will meet your desires at a low budget dstv installation has never been easier .
We do DSTV installations in Johannesburg,Centurion and Pretoria (Gauteng Province).We guarantee you 
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With us you have peace of mind knowing you are fully covered from the dstv  installations of wall brackets, dish installation and surround system configuring .We work on very high standards and do not risk losing our customer confidence.                                     

We have been in business for a long time, which makes us one of the best in the industry and beyond when it comes to Pvr upgrades and extra view installations.
We are the largest DSTV satellite dish installers service by our knowledge base and extensive research.1-GLA13-445-e
We provide a free delivery service when you order over the phone and some extra cable depending on the situation.
We guarantee a 3 month workmanship money back promise if you by any means find our work shoddy and if you require further assistance we do assist you at zero cost levied on you .

Our installation prices are competitive and you are more than invited to compare and contrast them with any other Dstv installers  in this industry .